Air fryers grow in popularity, students, dietician discuss impact on health

Air fryers have grown in popularity over the last few years, however, recent information about certain chemicals found in popular air fryer brands reveals there may be a health risk. 

M&M’s releases all-female inclusivity campaign, suspends ‘spokescandies’ weeks later

In January 2023, Mars, Incorporated, multinational food company, released a limited edition female package of M&M’s.

Dietetics students prepare meals at the Pendulum Court Cafe 

The Pendulum Court Cafe serves students and faculty on BYU campus and is run by the students in the dietetics program.

BYU College of Humanities whips up an international cookbook

BYU Humanities put together a cookbook. Its goal is to highlight the rich cultural experience the school offers.

BYU nutrition professor shares how to eat healthy on a budget

Nutrition professor Sarah Bellini shared start-of-semester tips and encouragement for students trying to eat healthy on a budget.

The countdown starts: Utah burger chain The Training Table hints at reopening

The Training Table, a popular Utah restaurant, may be reopening soon. 
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