Video of the Day: Woman survives after falling under train

An Argentinian woman survived after falling under a moving train. She suffered minor injuries, including a loss of consciousness. She was rescued by the station's security and doctors before being transferred to a hospital.

Utah County art galleries, museums showcase artists with diverse perspectives

Various art galleries and museums in Utah County have began putting up art exhibits that showcase local artists with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Video of the Day: Be bear aware

A wild bear tried to open a door and enter a house in New York. Because of the warming weather, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) warns of more and more emerging bears.

Video of the Day: Respect for the flag

An employee with the Sanitation and Trash Division in Huntington, Utah saw an American flag in the trash while working his route. He pulled the flag out of the can and folded it up. The homeowner saw the man’s act of respect, recorded it and posted it to her Facebook page.

Video of the Day: Tesla crashes into Vision Jet

0 driverless Tesla collided with a $3.5 million Cirrus Vision Jet at a small airport. The Tesla's windshield hit the tail of the jet,...

Video of the Day: Truck driver loses control of brakes

missed hitting a school bus filled with children, as it wove in between cars and honked the truck's horn. The driver was not able to regain control for another quarter-mile. No one was harmed.