BYU tunnel singing brings students together


Legend has it back in 1989 two couples on a double date decided to come to this tunnel and sing hymns. They enjoyed it so much they returned with friends the following week. Now the number of students for this weekly concert has grown exponentially. 

BYU Tunnel Singing Club provides a place for students and friends to join together in song in groups of Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. 

Ephraim Cullen leads the Spanish tunnel singing group. He said the draw to sing together in the tunnel is about more than acoustics.

“I think it just goes to show the sense of community that’s here at BYU,” Cullen said.

Every Sunday groups of students and friends at BYU gather in tunnels around campus to join voices in song. The tradition has been ongoing since 1989. (Lynnette McConkie)

President Jacob Udall leads the English language group. He said he sees about 200 singers in the winter months and three times that many when it is warmer. 

“It’s really fun just getting to sing the hymns with so many people,” Udall said. “It’s really powerful for the spiritual songs that we sing but there’s also quite a few fun songs that we sing that are just a blast.”

Recently returned or newly called  missionaries announce their mission assignments at the midway mark and, of course, they join in a round of “Called to Serve.”

According to students, this time-honored tradition at BYU is here to stay, continuing to lift their spirits and give them the support and sense of belonging they need.

BYU Tunnel Singing Club has an Instagram page where you can stay informed on what songs they will be singing and where the various groups meet.

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