New infrastructure improvements on 800 North


The Provo City Engineering Division made improvements to 800 North in March in an effort to make commuting to and from campus easier for students.

Those who live south of BYU campus likely have had to cross 800 North on their way to school.

“I walk this route twice a day — to and from campus,” BYU student Camryn Stone said.

The road borders the duck pond and is littered with crosswalks. It serves as one of the main entries to campus. Busy traffic, however, means students sometimes have to carefully navigate their way through the stream of cars.

“There’s a part where you have the stairs and right where the crosswalk is and I almost see people get hit there genuinely every day,” Brigham Eggett said.

Stone said she once saw someone get hit at a stop sign while on an electric scooter.

This month, the traffic department added flashing lights to the tops of stop signs and pedestrian crossing signs on the road in order to make them more visible for drivers at night.

Some students say the road needs additional adjustments.

“All these streets are so confusing because of the lack of stop signs,” Stone said.

A scooter driver crashed into a Nissan just across from the duck pond on March 14. Students said even with signs both pedestrians and drivers need to be cautious on the busy roads surrounding campus.

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