Streaming services challenge the future of movie theaters

In the future, going to the movies is going to be like going to the opera; a special occasion where you put on a nice suit and make an evening out of it. At least that's what David Sterritt, a film critic, said he remembers someone saying almost 20 years ago. Now in 2022, it doesn't seem to be the most far-fetched idea.

BYU Deaf community reacts to Oscar-winning ‘CODA’

Members of the BYU Deaf community shared their thoughts on disabilities and how they related to — as well as felt frustrated by — Oscar Best Picture winner "CODA."

LDS Film Festival reaches member, nonmember audiences

Actors and filmmakers showcased their work at the LDS Film Festival at the Scera Center for the Arts in Orem, Utah. The program's new owners announced the festival's name will change to the Zion International Film Festival by the end of the year.

BYU faculty, students comment on women in film, Oscar nominations

BYU faculty and students reacted to the 2022 Oscars nominations and talked about the importance of female representation and gender equality in the film industry.

Cast reflects on the good, bad and future of Provo’s Most Eligible

Provo's Most Eligible's third season remains up in the air as offers to buy the show were denied by co-owner Remington Butler, who has no plans to sell it.

‘When you move in faith, all things are possible’ — Kanye West ‘jeen-yuhs’ documentary debuts at Sundance

The first episode of "jeen-yuhs: A Kanye West Trilogy," entitled, "Vision," premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, giving viewers a glimpse of what the producers called a "faith-based documentary."
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