Fans of ‘The Chosen’ offer financial support to series


A recent event at BYU brought together scholars from different faiths and universities to discuss the popular TV series “The Chosen.” Fans attended the conference amid the release of the fourth season of the show. 

Season 4 of “The Chosen,” a television series based on the lives of Jesus’ followers, was recently released in theaters. 

However, creators of the show announced there will be a delay in its release on streaming services due to legal issues. 

Kerri Kammerman attended the conference and explained why she supports “The Chosen” in more ways than just watching.

“It’s important because it brings people closer to Jesus Christ. ‘The Chosen’ is doing that in a huge way. I wish I had a million dollars I could donate to the cause,” Kammerman said. 

Kammerman has done more than buy a ticket to the theater. She and her husband paid to be a part of the crowd during the scene where Jesus is depicted feeding five thousand people with a few loaves and fishes. 

She knows such an active involvement is not typical for the many viewers and fans of the show. 

“Only 5% of people who watch ‘The Chosen’ have contributed to paying for it,” Kammerman said. 

Demand for funding is increasing as “The Chosen” grows and reaches new audiences, according to executive producer of the show, Brad Pelo. The first season cost about $10 million, but the newest cost closer to $40 million. 

Another fan, Robert Starling, is a film producer himself. He said the audience growth is one of the reasons behind this significant increase. 

“They are actually in the process right now of translating and dubbing the episodes of ‘The Chosen’ into 600 languages to be shown all over the world. There is a need for donors, for people to support this effort,” Starling said. 

Season 4 received unprecedented support, bringing in more than $7 million in its first weekend and playing in more than 2,000 theaters. 

Information about release dates for season 5 of “The Chosen” are unknown, but the show’s creator has discussed its potential content on social media platforms.

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