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Temple Square renovations in full swing as Conference approaches

Construction has taken over Temple Square as eyes turn to Salt Lake City for the 191st Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Haley Brown

BYU student, sexual assault survivor shares story of healing

Rebekah Yi is a BYU student and a survivor of sexual assault. She shares her story of her experiences and how she was able to overcome the trauma.

Students find traveling to be easier with online learning

Virtual classes offer flexible assignment schedules and allow homework to be done on the go. Students are taking advantage of these conveniences by going on small vacations throughout the semester with friends and family.

Non-profit helps communities provide resources to those struggling during pandemic

Intellihelp aims to help those who have been affected negatively by COVID-19 by connecting members of the community to each other in providing necessary resources.

‘Ordinary Days’ musical shows this weekend at Covey Center

Provo's Covey Center for the Arts is showing "Ordinary Days" on March 26 and 27, an original musical about four New Yorkers who cross paths and teach each other to see beauty in the unremarkable.
Whitney Bigelow

Couples struggle to schedule temple dates, plan weddings

COVID-19 temple restrictions have caused Latter-day Saint couples to struggle in securing dates for temple sealings and endowments, creating wedding planning difficulties.