BYU wind team participates in national competition

"Since we're a first year team, we were trailblazing, so to speak. No one at (BYU) has ever done this before," said BYU Collegiate Wind Competition Team member Wesley Holt.

BYU Jerusalem Center highlights history of peace, conflict

The BYU Jerusalem Center was dedicated on May 16, 1989. Since the dedication, it has been home to hundreds of BYU students and faculty.

BYU alumni discuss miscarriages, hope to change taboo culture

Several BYU alumna share their experiences with miscarriages and the trauma, healing, and the lack of understanding around miscarriages.

COVID-19 creates unique pandemic weddings

Many young couples planning to be married in Utah during this last year faced with challenging circumstances because of COVID-19. However, each couple interviewed in this article had something unique at their wedding and said they would change very little about their pandemic weddings.

How digital natives navigate parenting in the internet age

Parents of all ages often express concern for the safety of their children. Many teach children at an early age about “stranger danger” and the importance of wearing seatbelts and helmets. While these types of admonitions have helped children stay safe in the real world for decades, the 21st century has brought new challenges for parents faced with raising their children in an ever-changing digital world. Now, as some of the older digital natives (often dubbed Gen Z) are becoming parents themselves, many are searching for ways to control how digital media can and will impact their children.

BYU student finds love of creativity starting her own business

For Tayla Chapa, life has been an extensive twist and turn she's never been able to fully predict. Starting her own business is something she's grown to be passionate about that she never expected.
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