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Women’s Services and Resources kicks off annual “Be You” challenge focusing...

BYU Women’s Services and Resources began their annual 10-day “Be You” challenge on Wednesday with a goal of increasing self-worth, confidence and acceptance in students.

Pendulum Court Cafe gives dietetics students new opportunities as it opens...

Pendulum Court Cafe opens for the Fall semester, located in Eyring Science Center. Dietetics students enjoy hands-on learning experiences from this unique food lab offered at BYU.

YSA wards attempt to reinstate FHE activities

Family home evenings are a big part of student single wards, but now it's harder than ever to hold them safely.
Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo

BYU students engineer new mask filter made from everyday materials

BYU Engineering students work with Avant Design to create a process of making filters for masks to make them N95 grade. Capstone team takes over project to finalize design and distribution while collaborating with a team of students in India.
Preston Crawley

BYU performing arts students adjust to COVID-19 restrictions

BYU performing arts students are quickly adapting to pandemic restrictions by changing how they rehearse and perform. BYU Arts previously released a statement detailing their decision to cancel all public performances for the Fall 2020 semester.

Closing this week, ‘A Studio of Her Own’ exhibit features powerful...


Home builders. Survivors. Trend-setters. Fighters. Standing in the gallery of BYU’s Museum of Art, students can almost hear them whispering from the walls. They are 58 remarkable female artists, and their messages of inspiration and hope are featured in the MOA’s “A Studio of Her Own” exhibit, which closes this week.