BYU celebrates new ‘Spain and the Hispanic World’ exhibit with Museum of Art gala


Art exhibitions and parties don’t usually go hand in hand, but the Spanish masterpiece exhibition at the BYU Museum of Art is cause for celebration.

More than one thousand people showed for the MOA’s newest exhibition, titled “Spain and the Hispanic world.” With famous painters like Vespucci and songs like “Sweet Caroline,” the community had much to celebrate.

“It’s a great social scene,” BYU student Harrison Dansie said. “I didn’t realize how many people would come when I got the invitation.”

The display features more than 150 artworks, relics and artifacts spanning 4,000 years of art history.

“These are some of the most extraordinary artworks we’ve ever had here at the museum, and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions as they find them for the first time,” Public Relations Manager Riley Lewis said.

The exhibit is one of the largest to come to Brigham Young University. Event organizers said they wanted the event to match the magnitude of the collection.

“Everything is just a lot bigger with this exhibition, ” Art Educator Liz Donakey said. “So, we thought, why not make it a little bit bigger with the Art After Dark as well?”

The exhibition is available in Spanish and English, allowing visitors to look at the pieces with historical context.

“You’re really walking through history as you go through this exhibition, which I think is really important for our campus audiences to learn as they go,” Art Director Janalee Emmer said.

According to Emmer, this event was designed to bring people back to the museum to enjoy the artwork.

Dansie agreed the exhibit was interesting. “It’s been great,” Dansie said. “It’s been fun.”

The exhibit will be open to the public through June 15.

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