Interkultur Choir Festival brings international choirs to Provo


Interkultur Germany united choirs from BYU to Estonia onstage in Provo at the Interkultur Choir Festival, “Sing’n’Joy,” on Mar. 16-20.

Interkultur Germany is the world’s largest promoter of international choir festivals and competitions, according to Interkultur project manager Thomas Schüle.

Interkultur held the World Choir Games, the world’s largest choir event, in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2012. This event involved the participation of 365 choirs from 65 countries. Schüle said following the event’s success, Interkultur has been trying to establish more events in the United States, the first being “Sing’n’Joy” in Provo.

“Our goal is to bring people together while singing,” Schreiber said. “There are no borders because we are all combined in music and singing.”

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