Maddi Dayton
Kaitlin Carver, Dietetics, Pensacola, Florida

Kaitlin Carver is taking the first part of the Book of Mormon class and loves it. She can more easily find time to read and follow the story line. This is her first term at BYU, and having spiritual classes and homework that count for credit is fun for her. “Being in the class has helped me want to go on a mission more — to solidify my decision,” Carver said. She isn’t used to having religion in school, and that is another feature of the class she enjoys.

Maddi Dayton
Karly Osborne,
Temecula, California

Karly Osborne enjoys the critical thinking, debates and conversations that revolve around controversial topics in her persuasive writing class. It’s her first class after coming back from her mission in Montana. She took the class to fulfill a general education requirement. “We pick topics that are controversial at this time and then write about them,” Osborne said. Her last paper was on organic food and if it really does have health benefits.

Maddi Dayton
Addie Smith,
St. George

Addie Smith always wanted to attend BYU and is starting her first term at BYU taking Chemistry 105 and a Book of Mormon class. Out of the two, her favorite is chemistry. “It’s just interesting,” Smith said. “I really enjoy my professor, Dr. Smith.” She said she spends about four hours a day doing homework, but she expected that and has been enjoying the whole experience BYU has to offer. “I like it all,” she said.

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