Weekly Features

New legislation regulates fireworks

New firework regulations will come into effect before the upcoming firework season.The use of fireworks has been reduced from seven to four days around...

BYU Student Alumni hold annual food drive to help locals in...

Throughout the month of November BYU Student Alumni will be holding their annual "Valley United Against Hunger" food drive.

BYU student starts club to promote women in dentistry

BYU student Lauren Olsen was feeling discouraged after months of being the only woman at BYU Pre-Dental Club activities. "On several occasions when asked about my career plans, I shared that I’m planning on becoming a dentist. The boys would reply, 'Oh, you mean, you want to be a dental hygienist?'” Olsen said. "I’d laugh and say, 'No, a dentist — just like you.'"

BYUSA executives discuss changes to charter

BYUSA executives explain the process how new additives or changes can be implemented into the charter. While BYUSA students have the ability to share their new ideas, it takes more authority to be able to add those changes to the charter.
Jaren Wilkey/BYU

BYU to name student employee of 2017

BYU campus gives student employees the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work every single year.

First female BYUSA presidency leaves legacy

BYUSA President Avery Harding and Executive Vice President Addie Hulme are excited to pass on their leadership positions to 2017-2018 election winners Dillon Ostlund and Katelyn Strobel.