Claudine Bigelow delivers devotional address on creativity

Maddi Dayton
Claudine Bigelow, head of viola studies and chamber music coordinator at the BYU School of Music, spoke on creativity and its role in the gospel. (Maddi Dayton)

Claudine Bigelow, head of viola studies and chamber music coordinator at the BYU School of Music, delivered this week’s Devotional address on the importance of creativity on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

Bigelow began her remarks by reminding listeners that Heavenly Father is a perfect example of creativity and that creativity can bless one’s life.

“The scriptures teach us Heavenly Father is a profoundly creative being, and he has made us to be that way too,” Bigelow said. “Creativity helps us bring light to the world and our relationships and to find deep and satisfying joy.”

Bigelow explained that the creation of the world and people’s own creation are proof of the creativity of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the creativity all people have.

“We were meant to create, and this capacity is eternal,” Bigelow said. “We were creative in the pre-existence, and we are meant to be so here on earth.”

According to Bigelow, we can learn from the creativity of prophets and righteous people in the scriptures. Noah, the Brother of Jared and Nephi were all commanded to build ships for their families. Bigelow explained that their faith in the Lord strengthened their ability and creativity.

“We are stronger when we invite the Lord to be a part of what we do,” Bigelow said.

Bigelow shared how creativity has improved her life and encouraged others to learn creativity from others.

“Study the creative thinkers, doers, makers, innovators and problem-solvers through time,” Bigelow said. “Heavenly Father has sent astonishingly gifted spirits to be beacons of light for our world.”

Bigelow concluded by inviting listeners to ask the Lord for creativity.

“If you don’t feel you have an ounce of creativity, then go to the Lord and petition him,” Bigelow said. “Creativity is your birthright.”

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