BYU Moms Club founders comment on lack of campus resources for student parents


The BYU Moms Club, founded in March 2018, works to advocate for BYU student moms to get the support they need as they juggle school, life and motherhood.

The BYU Moms Club was founded to create a safe space for student mothers to share their experiences and exchange ideas for campus change.

20% of all college students are mothers, and 2 million students, or 11%, raise their children without a partner, according to a study published by the Institute for Women’s Policy. In 2023, 23% of BYU students were married. 19.5% are married as of 2024.

Raising awareness about mothers is an important step to help mothers and children at BYU, according to BYU Moms president and sociology masters student Haylie June.

“A big reason we focus on awareness as part of the club is so that people know the different challenges moms face … what is easy and hard,” June said.

Elise Kasl, BYU Moms Club Social Media Specialist and mother of one said student mothers need more childcare options and university support.

Currently, BYU does not provide childcare services for students. While the university offers kindergarten options, students with infants and toddlers have to seek private childcare solutions.

“It’s frustrating that people aren’t aware of the number of moms on campus,” Kasl said. “All moms should be able to go to school and receive an education if they want one.”

Kasl also mentioned that BYU’s childcare resources, or lack thereof, make it hard to balance school and life.

The BYU Moms Club offers support for mothers on campus. Moms Club resources include mentorship groups, support weeks and regular meetings that include activities like forums and education for student mothers.

“We’re trying to build a better community for moms on campus and making BYU a more mom-friendly place,” Kasl said.

Events and membership are free to all BYU mothers. Events are listed on Facebook and Instagram pages.

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