Provo Airport expansion update


The Provo Airport hit a significant milestone as it welcomed its millionth passenger in December 2023. A recently announced airport expansion expects to bring even more travelers. 

The Provo Airport has almost been at capacity since opening its new terminal in 2022. Airport Division Director Brian Torgersen said this current expansion project is crucial to accommodating growing passenger demand. 

“What we’re focusing on is attracting a carrier who has daily network service to a major hub airport to where you can fly out of provo and really get to anywhere in the world on a daily basis,” Torgersen said. 

He said this facet of the expansion will better cater to the Provo business traveler who requires flexibility and consistency. The project will also include a new customs facility that will allow Provo to handle international flights for the first time. 

“It’s going to require more ramp, it’s going to require more terminal, more gates, a little bit of everything for us,” Airport Operations Manager Matt Jensen said. 

The initial phase of expanding the ramp area will increase the airport’s capacity from four to seven gates, Jensen said.

“We break it down based on when we have funding for certain parts, but yeah, we’re doing all of it as fast as we possibly can,” Jensen said.

Airport officials anticipate the completion of the ramp in approximately one year, coinciding with the ongoing expansion of the terminal.

“We’re on a bit of a weather shutdown right now just because of snow and rain and mud is making it difficult, so they’ll resume those operations as soon as warmer, drier weather returns,” Torgersen said. 

Torgersen and Jensen invited travelers to come and experience flying with them even as the expansion progresses.

“We’ve made a difference in the lives of a million people in just the short 18 months since we opened and we’re excited about that. We’re proud of that. We hope people continue to realize the benefit of flying out of Provo,” Torgersen said. 

Airport officials said they are dedicated to working to expand flight options to various destinations for people living in the area.

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