Tips for a successful semester


BYU students are beginning to feel the gravity of their coursework and responsibilities as they reach the middle of the semester.

“If I don’t do anything, nobody else is going to tell me to,” fourth-year BYU student Isaac Rascon said.

Swapping out distractions for helpful habits can lead to success, Rascon said. This includes setting schedules and timers to keep himself on track, and avoid procrastination.

“What will hold me back or keep me from doing my best work is if I only think of doing things like at the minimum level,” Rascon said.

Hoku Conklin is a clinical professor and licensed psychologist. He works in BYU’s Counseling and Psychology Services Center. Conklin has advice for student success while also managing stress and anxiety.

“I think even before the semester starts, meeting with an advisor within your college to kind of go over your schedule and kind of have a sense of what that’s going to look like, right. And so that we’re not biting off more than we can chew,” he said.

There are a wealth of resources available to students on campus, Conklin said. Several include the University Accessibility Center, learning workshops and student development classes.

“Getting involved with sometimes student clubs and organizations, sometimes it’s with extracurricular things. But I think that kind of adds balance to their schedule,” he said.

Prioritizing rest, exercise and nutrition is key for students to maintain the energy needed to pursue their priorities, he said.

Conklin also recommended that we “talk to ourselves in ways that are more supportive, encouraging, hopeful, uplifting and so forth.”

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