Police Beat: Jan. 22-28




Jan. 24 — An officer responded to a minor traffic accident in Lot 16. Both parties were given driver’s exchange forms.

Citizen Contact

Jan. 23 — An officer responded to a report of a suspicious person in the CougarEat and determined nothing suspicious was occurring.

Fire Response

Jan. 23 — An officer responded to a possible gas problem at Wymount Terrace. No gas leaks were detected and BYU Housing was called to assess the suspicious stovetop.

Flood Alarm

Jan. 24 — Officers responded to a flood alarm in the mechanical room of the Heber Grant Building. No flooding was detected.

Informant Report

Jan. 25 — A complaint was filed saying someone put donuts on a vehicle’s door handles. No damage was caused; the informant just wanted to make the police aware of the incident. The informant also reported a spilled drink on their windshield in the same lot and requested more surveillance in the area.

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