BYU Fiesta celebrates Latin American culture


The BYU Multicultural Office hosted a Fiesta on Friday, Nov. 3 to celebrate Latin American cultures on campus.

The Fiesta has become a yearly tradition for the office. This event is an opportunity for students of different backgrounds to show off their cultures through the power of song and dance.

Hundreds of excited attendees filled the Wilkinson Student Center to celebrate Latin American cultures. The fiesta hosted five different cultures represented on campus including Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Colombia and Peru.

Each performance showed off distinct songs, dance moves and outfits, from the wavy dresses of Mexico to the belled boots of Peru.

The break room was filled with excitement, nerves and some last minute practice as each culture waited for their set.

Peruvian student Shiro Contreras was anxious to represent his home country.

“I just love my culture. I love Peru. I grew up in Peru, and I served my mission in Peru. Peru is almost like my whole identity,” Contreras said.

The performance means a lot to Latin American students, many of whom have left their home countries to study at BYU.

“I feel when I represent my culture, I help others understand my culture. Sometimes people are just afraid of other cultures, but if I share it with them, if I start the interaction, they will be willing to enjoy my culture too,” Contreras said.

The audience erupted into applause at the close of the Fiesta. Attendees from all backgrounds were visibly moved by the display of cultural heritage.

Keyline Hiller visited from vineyard to see her brother in the Caribbean performance.

“I just love all the different cultures. I think it was a great experience to listen, to see the different types of outfits they wear and to see the different dances, and everything brings like so much more unity,” Hiller said.

For the audience and performers alike, the Fiesta was a night they won’t soon forget.

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