BYU offers sewing and cooking classes


When you hear someone talk about a lab on campus, generally you think of beakers, Bunsen burners and chemistry equipment. In the basement of the Joseph F. Smith Building, the word lab takes on a whole new meaning with the sewing and cooking labs.

Beginning Clothing Construction and Food Preparation in the Home are classes in the BYU School of Family Life. Both classes are open to everyone, no matter the major.

The Beginning Clothing Construction class teaches students how to read and use a sewing pattern, create basic projects and make simple clothing modifications.

Madison Scoville believes the class is intended to be enjoyable.

“You should be able to sew on a button, hem your pants or take in clothes after this class,” Scoville said.

However, it is not all fun and games in the sewing lab.

“It’s not the easiest class, a lot of people are like oh it is a fun sewing class, but it is a college course, so it gets kind of complex,” Scoville said.

The Food Preparation in the Home class teaches students how to follow a basic recipe and use various kitchen tools. Professor Allissa Kelley hopes that students can learn how to cook for themselves and their future families.

“Everybody eats. Everybody needs to know how to use a kitchen or know the difficulties of a recipe,” Kelley said.

Kelley shared her favorite labs involve baking cinnamon rolls and apple pies.

“I love this class, I think it is just a super fun environment to be in,” Kelley said.

For homework, both classes have students prepare in advance by watching videos and reviewing patterns or recipes. According to professors, this prep work helps students create and cook with as few hiccups, or better yet, mess ups, as possible.

These labs may seem small and tucked away in the basement, but both classes are filling up quickly for next semester. Interested students should hurry and sign up before time runs out.

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