eSports fans are hoping for an official eSports program at BYU


Members of BYU’s eSports club are hoping to get an eSports program at the university.

The club competes with other organizations, and many members have remained involved long after graduation, including former eSports club president John Morgan Nemelka. It is his goal for the university to see eSports as something that is beneficial to it and its students.

“People want to come to the university because of their eSports teams,” Nemelka said.

Recently, a development has brought hope to those who want to see university recognition become a reality.

The student activities department offered a chance to create an eSports class, however, that class depends on student interest. The eSports club was given a table during the Wellness Expo in March to gather support from the student body.

More than 200 students responded.

“What we’re trying to do is to show BYU that there’s a lot of people interested in eSports and games and playing with other people and growing a community,” Jacob Warnick, an eSports club officer, said.

Members of the club remain hopeful that the benefits of having such a program will eventually win over BYU administration.

“I personally think it’s time for BYU to seriously consider getting involved in the eSports sphere. Not for the sake of being left behind, but rather for the sake of making sure that students feel like they can be involved in BYU,” Nemelka said.

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