Police Beat: May 22 – June 4




May 28 – An individual reported wood stolen from the B66 building.

Criminal Mischief 

May 30 – An individual reported ice cream smeared across a vehicle’s windshield.


May 29 – An individual reported receiving a series of suspicious e-mail and text information after purchasing a computer over the Internet.



May 22 – Police arrested Jeremy Rodriguez after his pregnant girlfriend accused him of kidnapping and physically assaulting her. Rodriguez denied the accusation and investigation is still pending.

Missing Persons

May 24 – Elizabeth Salgado’s remains were found up Hobble Creek Canyon on May 18. The discovery ended the three-year missing persons case. Authorities say the investigation is now being treated as a possible homicide case.


June 1 – A massive fire at 1440 South resulted in one fatality. Investigation is still ongoing.



May 22 – A man left the scene after crashing his car into a parked vehicle. He returned later that day and was arrested for driving under the influence.

May 22 – Special Enforcement Team arrested two people for possessing heroin. The individuals were caught attempting to break into a home.


May 22 – Two young females were stopped while attempting to shoplift makeup from Target.

May 22 – Police arrested a man after he attempted to buy two cell phones through somebody else’s account.

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