Police Beat: March 29 – April 6









Disorderly Conduct

March 29 – A male reported seeing inappropriate physical contact between a male and a female making out at the Y Trailhead.


April 1 – A female reported the theft of a 2016 Jeep Wrangler from the LaVell Edwards Stadium. The vehicle was recovered in Orem. No suspect was found in relation to the theft.

April 2 – A male student reported an unsecured skateboard worth $150 taken from the Wyview Park commons area.

April 3 – An individual reported that an individual photographed football and basketball tickets and then sold them online without the owner’s permission. The tickets were valued at $120 and the owner of the original ticket is a BYU staff member. The case is still under investigation.

Orem/Provo Area


April 2 – Two men were cited after they were caught shoplifting at Al’s Sporting Goods in Orem.

April 2 – A man was stopped for shoplifting at Target. Despite lying about his name twice, police discovered his real name, found warrants out for his arrest and arrested him.  

April 4 – A trailer was stolen from a home near 1700 Moor Lane in Orem.

April 4 – The Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake found a truck that was stolen from Ken Garff Nissan of Orem. The suspect was arrested.  

April 6 – A man was seen stealing groceries from Ridley’s. The Orem Police Department is following up with surveillance footage.

April 6 – An Orem man claimed that someone withdrew $2,500 from his bank account using the Zelle app.


April 2 – Orem police responded to a report of residents smoking marijuana in their apartment. Police spoke with the residents, who willingly gave up their marijuana. They were arrested.  

April 4 – Orem police found and arrested a male suspect in a drug case.

April 4 – Police stopped a vehicle for lack of insurance but smelled marijuana while talking to the female driver. Police searched the vehicle, confiscated marijuana and cited the female driver.

April 6 – Orem police stopped a driver for failure to signal a lane change and discovered 30 pounds of methamphetamine in the speaker of the car. Police estimated its worth between $250,000 and $1.5 million.

April 6 – Police stopped a male driver for lack of a license plate. Police searched the car and arrested the man for possession of LSD.

Drugs and Theft

April 2 – Orem police stopped a man and woman at 100 North State Street for failure to signal and then arrested the couple for possession of a stolen vehicle, heroin, drug paraphernalia, stolen property, a stolen license plate, burglary tools and another person’s ID card.

April 2 – Police spotted two individuals hanging out near a storage unit that had its lock cut off. The police officer found a large amount of methamphetamine inside the two individuals’ car and arrested them.  

April 6 – Police arrested a group of people in a car with a stolen license plate and marijuana.


April 2 – A man was found slumped over his steering wheel while his car was running and in drive at the University Mall. The man was arrested for DUI.

April 2 – Police stopped a man for weaving in and out of his lane, and the man was arrested for DUI.

April 4 – An Orem police officer responded to a report of a car that had run into two parked cars. The officer found the vehicle and the suspect. The driver was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana.

April 4 – Police stopped a female driver for weaving in and out of her lane. She was arrested for DUI.

April 6 – Police responded to a report of a vehicle hitting a wall. The driver was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana.


April 6 – A man reported being assaulted while leaving Costco. He was hit twice by another man’s cart from behind while he was being receipt checked at the exit.

Minor Alcohol Possession

April 6 – Police stopped a 19-year-old female driver who had run a stop sign. She was cited for possession of a couple of bottles of Smirnoff fluffed marshmallow vodka.

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