Police Beat: March 24-28




March 26 – An individual reported a coat taken from a classroom in the Thomas L. Martin Building.

March 26 – An individual reported locating a stolen bicycle taken from Heritage Halls in December 2017.

March 26 – An individual reported a card carrier taken from an unsecured purse at the J. Reuben Clark Building.

March 27 – An individual reported an unsecured bicycle taken from the bike racks at the Jesse Knight Building.  The bicycle has been listed on the national theft database.

March 28 – An individual reported misplacing a backpack at the Harold B. Lee Library over a week ago. The backpack has not been turned into Lost and Found.

March 28 – An individual reported receiving a solicitation call seeking donations for the Choose to Give program while in the Harold B. Lee Library.


March 27 – Officers responded to a report of individuals in the LaVell Edwards Stadium. The individuals were located.

Orem/Provo Area


March 26 – Police responded to a report of a shifty man trying to buy parts for a $12,000 bike that had its serial number removed. A police officer spotted the suspect trying to leave a gas station on the bike and pursued him on foot. The police officer was able to catch up with the suspect after a motorist offered the police officer a ride. Police found methamphetamine, heroin and paraphernalia in his possession when he was arrested.


March 26 – A man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine at an Orem business after police responded to a business owner’s complaint of a disruptive customer.

March 28 – Police saw two suspicious people they knew to have warrants out for their arrests hanging out at 1600 North State Street in Orem. Police found them in possession of methamphetamine when police arrested them.


March 26 – Police found glass broken on the front door of a local business after responding to a business security alarm in the Orem area. Police were able to identify one of the two suspects in the surveillance footage and found the two suspects at home. Both suspects were arrested.

Neglect/Child Endangerment

March 26 – A man was cited for leaving his 18-month-old baby in the car for more than 30 minutes while he was shopping at Toys ‘R’ Us.

Drugs and Traffic Violations

March 26 – Police stopped a car because the driver didn’t appear to be wearing a seat belt. When the driver stopped his vehicle, he got out and began to walk away. Police brought him back to his car and discovered he had oxycodone, marijuana and three warrants out for his arrest. Police arrested the man.


March 26 – A man was arrested for DUI after police stopped the man for running a red light.


March 28 – Police are monitoring the situation of two Orem roommates involved in a texting quarrel about how loud one of them watches TV.

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