Police Beat July 20-26




July 20 — A $1,600 bike was stolen from a bike rack near building 10 at Heritage Halls sometime between June 30 and July 18. The bike was locked with a cable lock, also missing.

July 20 — A female reported her bike stolen from Heritage. Her bike lock was cut and left along with her helmet. The bike is valued at $75.

July 24 — A male student locked his bike at a bike rack near J Hall at Helaman Halls. The bike, valued at $150, was stolen sometime between July 16-24.

July 26 — A male student briefly left his backpack on a bench in the men’s RB locker room. The bag was missing when he returned so he called BYU Police. Police responded and searched the area finding the backpack in a near-by locker. The backpack had been searched and a digital Sony recorder and a portable battery, in total valued at $76.40, missing. The suspect is a 20 to 25 year-old male.

July 26 — A male student locked two bikes together at a bike rack near building 26 at Wyview. The student reported that he found his lock cut and the most expensive of the two bikes, a $400 Giant, missing.

Criminal Mischief

July 24 — The North University Fields tunnel had black and blue writing on the walls. BYU Grounds crew was notified and they cleaned up the graffiti.


July 26 — A father told police that his son, a BYU student, responded to a check cashing job posted on BYU Bridge. The student received a $1,460 check in the mail. The check claimed it was from Harris Beach PLCC Attorney Special Account. The student told his father about the job and check, and the father told his son it was a scam. Police notified BYU Bridge of the scam. The student did not become a victim to the scam.



July 25 — A 28 year-old male was rappelling in the Red Slab area in Rock Canyon when he fell to his death. Provo Police are investigating the circumstances of the fall.



July 24 — A women was meeting two potential buyers of a camera she posted online. When she showed the camera to them they took it from her and ran. Orem with help from Spanish Fork Police, the two were identified and booked into jail.

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