Diverse community comes together for annual Cedartree Pow Wow


The public gathered at the Wilkinson Student Center to support the Native Community at the annual Cedartree Pow Wow on Mar. 25-26. Several families attended both days to participate in the Native American traditional dance competitions.

The Pow Wow consisted of several categories of dance competitions with dancers of all ages. Students and the community arrived to try the well-known Navajo fry bread and Navajo tacos, which are sold every year.

Native American vendors sold traditional Native American jewelry.

Several student volunteers, workers and BYU staff assisted in making the Pow Wow possible to support and celebrate the Native American culture.

Victor Mendoza, a junior majoring in psychology, is one of many students from the Multicultural Student Services who attended the Pow Wow event. He said the Pow Wow is a great opportunity for people to share their culture.

“We’re here to enjoy the dancing and see the uniqueness of the Native American community. I think every culture has something positive to share and I think we can all learn so much when it comes to the Native culture,” Mendoza said.

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