BYU dancEnsemble spotlights student choreography at winter concerts


BYU dancEnsemble performed a collection of student-choreographed dance works at their winter concerts on Mar. 18-19.

The 21-student group directed by artistic director Graham Brown performed a selection of auditioned contemporary dance works created and developed by students from dancEnsemble.

“It’s nice to have a 100 percent student-choreographed show,” Brown said. “I like to see the creative voices of the students onstage.”

Third-year dancEnsemble member Katelynn Reed said she thinks this showcase of student choreography was a great artistic opportunity for BYU students both on and off of dancEnsemble.

“The show is really cool because the students can express themselves through art,” Reed said. “I think BYU students can connect with the dancers through their art on this level because we are going through the same things and are in the same stage of life.”


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