BYU Young Ambassador stars in Dark Lord Funk parody video


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BYU student and Young Ambassador Elijah Abel Thomas took on a new form when he starred as Lord Voldemort in KFaceTV’s newest music video, “Dark Lord Funk.”

In three days the YouTube video has reached more than 4 million hits. News sources from MTV to Time Magazine have promoted the video, calling it “amazing” and “fierce.”

Thomas’s latest Instagram shows a screenshot from the video with the caption, “Well friends we’ve been editing all weekend and, now it’s here! It’s totally okay to watch it more than once. May the funky dark magic keep you vibing all week long.”

People Magazine‘s Kelli Bender wrote that this parody is “a Potter-fan paradise, filled with inside jokes, convincing costumes and robe-friendly choreography. It’s a rendition so well-executed that it may make you want to give this noseless super villain a second chance – or at least hire him for your wedding.”

Keith Allen, known as K-Face, is the brains behind the videos. You may be familiar with his other hit, “Talk Nerdy To Me,” which has almost 2 million YouTube views. According to his website, K-Face has experience with music, dance, stage performing and songwriting.

Becca Burroughs plays Bellatrix Lestrange, Stuart Edge plays Ron and other characters like Nagini, and Harry himself make appearances in the video.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling even tweeted her approval.

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