New exhibit at Hogle Zoo: Wild Utah


After investing $22 million dollars over the course of five years, the Utah Hogle Zoo opened a new three acre exhibit on May 9.

The attraction is set to feature personal animal experiences, hands-on conservation opportunities and behind the scenes access to animal care.

The title of the new exhibit is Wild Utah because all the featured animals are native to Utah.

“A lot of the species here are species that Utahns don’t typically get to see. We kinda say that they’re in our backyard but we don’t always get to witness them and be up close with them and learn how to recreate safely with them,” Jane Kremer, marketing specialist, said.

While it can be fun to see animals like burros, badgers, porcupines and mountain goats in the wild, let’s save the bobcats and cougars for the zoo.

The staff at Hogle zoo keeps these animals well taken care of.

“What an amazing team that we have here at Hogle Zoo to make this possible. We have so many dedicated passionate staff members that really bring out the best of these animals that are in our care,” Doug Lung, president and CEO of Hogle Zoo, said.

Speaking of special guests, the zoo brought out resident North American porcupine, Barton, for the ribbon cutting ceremony. He chewed through a yummy biscuit as the audience cheered him on.

This new exhibit wouldn’t be possible without “a very supportive community” Lung pointed out. 

The money from each ticket purchased to visit the Hogle Zoo goes directly to conservation projects in Utah and around the globe.

Want to help out? Head down to the Hogle Zoo, cross the bridge and experience the new Wild Utah exhibit for yourself.

To learn more about the new exhibit and how to purchase tickets, go to

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