Weekly Hashtag: #MyBYUHoliday


March is full of holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, International Women’s Day, the Ides of March, and occasionally Easter, but there’s more to life than celebrating holidays someone else invented. March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, so this is your chance to celebrate however and whatever you want. For us at The Universe, that means celebrating BYU.

BYU has plenty of fun traditions, like True Blue Tuesdays and Light the Y during Homecoming Week, but if you could take any aspect of BYU and turn it into an official holiday, what would it be?

Submit your ideas using the hashtag #MyBYUHoliday on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The best ones will be featured on our website on Friday. We can’t promise that any of the ideas will make it onto the BYU calendar, but wouldn’t that be cool?

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