Blog: Foo Fighters taking a break, but not breaking up


Foo Fighters fans everywhere were surprised and concerned when the band’s frontman Dave Grohl made an on stage comment at a concert for the Global Citizen’s Festival in New York’s Central Park.

“Without making a big deal out of it, we don’t have any shows after this,” Grohl said. “This is it, man. This is the show where we come out and we play as many songs as we can in a short period of time, because, honestly, I don’t know when we’re gonna do it again and this is the perfect place to do it, right now, tonight.”

Though the comment was made in passing, Grohl’s words sparked a slew of speculations and rumors suggesting a definitive end the rock mega-sensation. In the days following the concert fans used social media to reach out to the band.

“No. Foo Fighters are never allowed to stop playing live. It should be outlawed,” said @DanHyde via Twitter.

Some fans like @NathanFoo182, dramatized their feelings over the announcement with comedic tweets and photos. Even major media outlets including the Huffington Post  and VH1 reported that the band might be breaking up though the band had made no official announcement regarding a hiatus.

 On October 2, Grohl set the record straight via a Facebook post, stating that though the band isn’t breaking up they are definitely taking a break.

Hey everyone…

Dave here. Just wanted to write and thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for another incredible year. (Our 18th, to be exact!) We truly never could have done any of this without you…

Yes… I was serious. I’m not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to play again. It feels strange to say that, but it’s a good thing for all of us to go away for a while. It’s one of the reasons we’re still here. Make sense? I never want to NOT be in this band. So, sometimes it’s good to just… put it back in the garage for a while…

Me, Taylor, Nate, Pat, Chris, and Rami… I’m sure we’ll all see you out there… somewhere…

Thank you, thank you, thank you…


More than 11,500 fans have since commented on the band’s Facebook post, sharing their love and appreciation for 18 years of music.

One fan, Will Boydman said his connection to the Foos music saved him. Boydman implored the band to come back so they could help others.

“This band’s music has saved me in so many ways,” Boydman said. “Kept me from doing something stupid when the world got to be too much. Your music means everything to me. Please promise us this is not goodbye for good. There’s too many others out there like me that have a special connection to the music you guys produce.”

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