BYU graduate launches ‘YouTube for authors’

BYU entrepreneurship graduate Matthew Kastner launched a writing platform called Publish Pen, a website that allows writers to publish their work and caters specifically to those who are just starting out in the business.

BYU alumna breaks big with cooking blog

BYU alumna Mandy Merriman was always cooking alongside her mother in the kitchen growing up, asking questions about the food and gathering recipes she wanted to try.
McCall Mishler

Kennedy Center website encourages student engagement

The Kennedy Center has fully embraced technological advancements with a multimedia website encouraging public involvement. The website has been popular among students since its launch in May 2015.

BYU grads to present at Pinners Conference

BYU Grads come together to present at this year's Pinners Conference and Expo. The Pinners Conference website says that the conference will offer multiple classes with subjects ranging from money management to health and beauty.

People around the globe speak out on the U.S. presidential election

What do you think about the current United States presidential election? How do you feel about the two candidates who are running? How do you believe...

First person: I jumped out of a plane — and this...

I’ve never ridden a roller coaster or jumped off the high dive — but yeah, I jumped out of a plane. That’s usually the first thing I tell people after I went skydiving.