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Weddings. The one thing every little girl spends her whole life planning for and dreaming of.  But when that special time actually comes, it can prove to be much more difficult to make decisions, get plans set, and make everybody happy.  Most people wait until they’ve graduated from college, settled into their careers and are relatively financially stable before deciding to get married.  But, because of a younger marriage-seeking demographic in Utah, there is a high number of wedding resources that have popped up everywhere- especially in Utah Valley.  There are so many options that making decisions can seem overwhelming. But, if you stick with the top wedding planning guides, I can assure you, you’ll be just fine.

Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill and model Martha Patterson at their wedding in Charlotte, Tenn. The couple married Saturday evening during a ceremony with friends and family at Front Porch Farms, about 40 miles outside Nashville.

The newest trend in wedding planning is using online resources and idea generators to start planning.  Popular websites like and are an essential help.  There are also a high variety of wedding blogs to help brides see examples of weddings and figure out what they like and want to incorporate into their wedding.

There are a higher percentage of married students in Utah.  Planning a wedding and doing well in school can seem like mixing oil and water.  It can be extremely stressful to maintain a high GPA because school exams don’t wait for wedding plans to come.  But if you can stay organized and learn how to plan your wedding and balance school, you’ll be better off in the long run. There are also a lot of options that married students should take advantage of,  from financial aid to hints on student life as a married individual.

Weddings can be a sensitive subject in Provo, with everyone trying to follow the counsel of their church leaders and take that next important step.  Temple marriage is a crucial step in the life of any Latter-day Saint.  With the temple as the focal point of many weddings in Utah, some people may wonder why temple marriage so important to Church members?  Because of the covenants made there and the belief that in the temple a marriage made will last forever gives the temple high appeal to members all over the world.

A wedding blog isn’t just for the girls with a ring on their left hand- its also for all the legions of helpers, planners, bridesmaids, maids-of-honor, mothers-of-the-bride and, of course, the groom.  But some people are only concerned with finding a way to get their boyfriend to get down on one knee and for all the single ladies how to deal with your singleness.

Just make sure your future spouse sees this clip and plans his proposal accordingly.


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