Two BYU students place in national video contest


Two BYU Students placed in the national Get Connected and Win Video Contest hosted by McGraw-Hill Higher Education this month.

David Halliday, a civil engineering major from Mesa, Arizona placed in the top 30 and Conner Gietz, a Manufacturing Engineering major from Gilbert, Arizona placed in the top 40.

The guidelines of the video contest were to show in a one-minute video how technology and the McGraw-Hill Connect software benefited their education and experience in the classroom. The prize for placing in the top 30 was a $150 Amazon gift card and the prize for top 40 was a $100 Amazon gift card.

“It is so inspiring to see students use McGraw-Hill Connect in such a creative, unique way and participate in a contest that showcases how they learn differently,” said Brian Kibby, president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “We thank all those who participated and offer congratulations to all of our winners, and are so inspired by seeing these students engaged in their own learning and we’re seeing great results.”

Both students heard about the contest from their engineering statistics professor, Stephanie Magleby. Maglbey uses McGraw-Hill Connect in her classes and was featured in David Halliday’s video talking about why she likes the program.

David Halliday came up with the idea for the theme of his video from the title of the product.

“Lots of things in life are connected,” Halliday said. “Someone’s social life, school life and education effect each other so that’s why I called the video, Making the Right Connections.”

Halliday had his friend James Goates narrate the video while Halliday was the main character.

Conner Gietz said he felt confident in placing in the top 50 and in his video he listed the positive features of the software and how it aided student learning.

Both students’ videos were recognized on the Get Connected and Win Video Contest website.

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