After dress code debacle Molina takes lemons and makes lemonade


A week after a female BYU student was accused of  violating the Honor Code because of an above-the-knee dress,  she was offered professional modeling gig by a local modest clothing store.

The boutique clothing line, Cris & Kate’s based in Lehi, offered Brittany Molina a modeling job after hearing the story on the news.

Cristin “Cris” Pulsipher, one of the owners of the shop, heard about Molina and wanted to contribute something positive to the situation.

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of Cris Pulsipher” align=”alignleft” width=”200″][/media-credit]
BYU student Brittany Molina models a skirt extender named after her. Molina received a modeling gig from boutique clothing line Cris & Kate's.
“We love Brittany and wanted to keep things positive for her,” Pulsipher said. “We feel strongly about keeping a positive light on BYU standards.”

Cris & Kate’s even named a skirt in honor of her.  “Brittany’s flawless slip” acts as an extender for a skirt that hits above the knee. Pulsipher said the company’s products serve the community because it can be hard to find skirts and dresses long enough.

Before Valentine’s Day, Brittany Molina was just a student studying on campus. That is, until an anonymous male student passed her a noteasking her to “consider [her] commitment to the Honor Code.” Molina made it public by tweeting the incident.

Molina said via Twitter she was upset in the beginning but views it differently now.

Molina told the Salt Lake Tribune yesterday she is ready to put these things behind her and get back to her accounting.

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