Cougar questions: What is your favorite memory of BYU?

Grads talk about their favorite BYU moments

Cougar Question: What do you do for a break during finals week?

"Probably just play video games with my friends, because it's something to get my mind off finals.""I like to go outside and do stuff,...

Cougar questions: What class has had the biggest impact on your life?

"The religion classes here at BYU. Some just help you out in all aspects, whether it's schoolwork or spirituality. I feel like the teachers do a really good job of making the class very applicable to your life."

Cougar Questions: What is your favorite Easter tradition?

"Easter egg hunts. I really enjoy the Starburst jelly beans that we get and we always get a book of Jesus. That's our tradition that...

Cougar Questions: What would you change about BYU?

BYU students share their ideas for improving the university

Cougar Questions: What do you look for in student housing?

"I live at the Riv, so I look for anywhere that isn't a meth lab. I look for good management, positive reviews — parking is very important, because I have lived in places where there is no parking — an overall good atmosphere."
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