Cougar questions: What class has had the biggest impact on your life?

Brody Chipman, Pre-business, Salt Lake City

“The religion classes here at BYU. Some just help you out in all aspects, whether it’s schoolwork or spirituality. I feel like the teachers do a really good job of making the class very applicable to your life.”

Maddi Dayton
Nathan Tanner, Oboe performance, Saline, Michigan

“Human development. It has helped me see my own development as I’ve grown up, and it’s going to help me as a parent. So it has been helpful to see how children develop and how we’re supposed to parent children.”

Maddi Dayton
Laurel Larsen, Humanities, Boise, Idaho

“Humanities 390R. It’s a class about the Holocaust. We’ve been studying a little bit of everything to show how even though something happened so long ago, it still impacts us today. It encourages us to stand up and take a voice for what we believe in.”

Maddi Dayton
Lynsie Wolfe, Exercise science, Sandy

“Human anatomy. It made me realize what my passion was in life. Also, it was really cool to see how the creation worked; everything is so amazing, it couldn’t have just happened by chance. The more I learned about the human body, the more my testimony in God increased.”

Maddi Dayton
Roland Laboulaye, Information systems, Paris, France

“New Testament with Professor Wilson. I like the way he blended spirituality and his academic interest and helped me realize I could do that myself. I could combine my desire to be closer to God and my desire to better understand history and the scriptures and whatever profession I end up pursuing.”

Maddi Dayton
Hannah Risenmay, Exercise science, Seattle, Washington

“Mission prep. It’s really changed the way that I see. Having to go back down to the basics and teach (the gospel) to people has been a really big testimony builder, and it’s really changed my perspective on how grateful I am for how I’ve grown up.”

Maddi Dayton
Garret Cragun, Neuroscience, San Antonio, Texas

“PD Bio 120. It helped me to know what I wanted in a career. I learned that I loved medicine and the human body, so it was helpful to know my career path and where I wanted to go in life.”

Maddi Dayton
Gabrielle Roper, Elementary education, Boise, Idaho

“Marriage and family prep. It has made me realize that you’re supposed to discover yourself before being able to completely commit to a relationship.”

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