Timp Towers, a group of apartment buildings for rent in Provo near the BYU football stadium.

Is renters insurance worth the extra cost?

Whether or not to buy renters insurance is a decision which many students may not be fully informed on.

BYU housing policy changes provide more options for students

Changes to the BYU Student Housing Policy have provided more options for a majority of undergraduate students.

BYU opens new on-campus pizza delivery for Heritage Halls students

New on-campus pizza delivery service, Cougar Crust, opened to Heritage Halls students Feb. 23rd.

Heritage Halls resident assistants discuss the behind-the-scenes aspect of the job

Students who live in on-campus housing may be unaware of how many duties a resident assistant has.

Language immersion students reflect on the program’s recent name change

BYU's Language Immersion Student Residence recently changed its name, with the goal of clarifying the program's purpose and eliminating confusion. 

Provo City Council avoids expansion of student housing options

The Provo City Council voted to prohibit accessory dwelling units in most residential neighborhoods, limiting a potential solution to Provo’s student housing crisis and highlighting community tension between long-time residents and BYU students.