Students share thoughts on BYU housing policy change


BYU housing policy changed in fall 2022. The new policy no longer requires students to live in BYU contracted housing.

Students shared how the policy change has impacted them in the past year and a half.

“It’s really nice, the apartment is pretty nice and then I feel like the community of the apartment is very nice. Everyone’s super friendly and stuff,” BYU student Matthew Barney said about his apartment.

More than 60% of students that live in BYU contracted housing aren’t required to live there, according to a university spokesperson. Students said their housing concerns are less about the policy changes that previously required them to live in BYU contracted housing and more about the quality of available accommodations.

“I don’t know, where I live is kinda crowded, it’s a six-man, one bathroom, it can be kinda tough honestly. I love my roommates though, but it’s just a little crowded,” Daniel Hornelez said.

BYU student Samantha Kime said the challenge of finding housing before and after the 2022 policy changes feels almost unnoticeable. She said she has encountered issues primarily with the quality and availability of married student units.

“I have had some non-BYU housing and that was really tricky to get into, especially for married housing, that was extremely difficult. We were actually homeless for two weeks after we got married, so I’m really happy to be on BYU housing,” Kime said.

Kime has opted to return to living on campus because of her struggles with uncontracted housing.

“If there is a way to improve the quality and some sort of standardization or just some sort of oversight because of the way that some people take advantage of students that simply have to live close to campus,” Kime said.

Students can contact BYU’s off-campus housing office for help, advice or more information.

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