BYU opens new on-campus pizza delivery for Heritage Halls students

This is a photo of Cougar Crust’s “Four Cheese Pizza”. This is one of the five options available through Cougar Crust. (Courtesy of BYU Dining)

A new on-campus pizza delivery service called Cougar Crust opened to Heritage Halls students on Feb. 23.

Tim Ipson, General Manager at BYU Food To-Go, said everything at Cougar Crust is house-made including the dough and the sauce. It can then be delivered to Heritage Halls for the students who live there, he said. 

On the website, students can choose between five pizzas: four cheese, pepperoni, vegetarian, Italy and all-meat. The menu also offers Italian salad, Caesar salad, drinks, brownies, dipping sauces and seasonings.

Heritage Halls Resident Assistant Sterling Sorensen said he was able to test the pizza from Cougar Crust before the business officially opened and said he tried the pizza multiple times during development. He said all-meat pizza was his favorite out of the ones he tried.

“I’ve enjoyed it more each time,” Sorensen said. Sorensen said the option is good for people living in Heritage Halls who need something quick and easy. 

Director of Retail Operations & Marketing at BYU Dining Services Joe Tiapson said just prior to COVID-19, Dining Services had a Heritage Halls-based pizza operation, but when the virus hit, the company shut down. 

Tiapson said, “our new managing director, Brent Craig, felt it was time to resurrect the idea, and wanted to launch with a completely clean slate.” The name came from polling student groups, running surveys through the dining social media platforms and internal discussion, according to Tiapson.

“Cougar Crust will continue to expand in on-campus delivery locations and in menu options. Breadsticks, Hawaiian pizza, and a Queso sauce pizza are currently in the works. These will be released in the next couple of weeks,” Tiapson said. 

Updates will be made to the Cougar Crust website as more options become available. Other details and frequently asked questions can also be found on the website.

Tiapson said, “We want to ensure that we can consistently make a great product, even if a large number of orders comes in. We also want to be able to traverse campus in a speedy yet safe manner.”

Students can order on the Cougar Crust website. The business is currently open Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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