BYU alum returns to Provo with ‘revolutionary’ ice cream

Ice cream is one of the few acceptable "vices" that students have indulged in for decades, with a number of shops selling the frozen...

Clothing businesses use Provo culture to attract customers

Provo culture has begun to insert itself into clothing brands creating a unique way to represent Provo.
Erika Magaoay

Student invents self-cleaning water bottle

Willy Hogan — competitive skim boarder, surfer, beach lifeguard, and BYU student — is taking unique strides to make clean water accessible and reduce marine debris through a self-cleaning water bottle he invented.

‘Every game is a home game’ for BYU Football

BYU marketing proves “every game is a home game” using creative and engaging marketing and social media campaigns.
Jenny Goldsberry

Provo entrepreneurs among those who benefit from support program

Members of Provo's chapter of 1MillionCups meet every Wednesday at 9 a.m. at what some members describe as a support group for entrepreneurs.
Ben Daniel

DNA ancestral data insufficient for many of Eastern origin

People of Middle Eastern, Asian and Polynesian descent are often disappointed with AncestryDNA results. (Ben Daniel) Leer en...