Ken Lund

Provo-Orem rated #1 ‘top-performing economy’

The Provo-Orem metropolitan area and a few other Utah cities placed in the top ten of the annual Milken Institute's Best Performing Cities index.
Allison McArthur

Some stores pay employees to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Trader Joe's, Dollar General and other companies are incentivizing their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine with a cash bonus.

BYU’s ‘Bun Boiz’ find balance between school and small business

Two BYU students got a taste of being student small business owners last weekend as they opened up their new fusion bao bun restaurant, Bun Boiz.

BYU alum takes Qualtrics from Provo basement to stock market

The experience management company Qualtrics, officially went public smashing Utah's record for highest IPO on Jan. 28.

GameStop stock mania sparks interest in investing

The GameStop Saga has shed light on groups of people who are less likely to invest money in the stock market due to lack of eduction, risks and lack of resources.

BYU hosts Sports Business Summit for second year in a row

The BYU Sports Business Club is bringing the largest sports networking conference in Utah back for its second year after a successful inaugural event in 2020.