Domo chief takes unconventional path to build his firm and Silicon...

BYU alumnus and Domo CEO Josh James is one of the visionaries behind Silicon Slopes, the cluster of technology startups that started in Utah County. He also started a nonprofit organization now supports tech entrepreneurs statewide.

Studio photographers adapt to Instagram amateurs

Local photography studios are working with market saturation as amateur Instagram photographers flood social media. Their saving grace? Their ability to adapt to ever-moving trends.

BYU graduate launches ‘YouTube for authors’

BYU entrepreneurship graduate Matthew Kastner launched a writing platform called Publish Pen, a website that allows writers to publish their work and caters specifically to those who are just starting out in the business.

Provo hotel industry revolves around BYU and Silicon Slopes

The Provo Hotel industry largely gravitates around college events and software and technology companies in Utah Valley.

What’s so sweet about dessert companies?

What Utah County lacks in bars and pubs, it more than makes up for in its true vice: sugar. Growing trends in dessert companies have created an overwhelming amount of choices for sweets enthusiasts. While some of these businesses succeed in this sugar-saturated market, others don’t.

Bitcoin Enters New York Stock Exchange

Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, debuted its futures on the New York Stock Exchange Late Sunday night. Cryptocurrency is virtual currency exchanged worldwide with limited government...