Social media creating more opportunities to shop

The convenience of online shopping has extended to social media. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other sites have created a way for smaller stores to get more attention.

Small businesses adapt, innovate in wake of COVID-19 restrictions

Local businesses forced to adapt and innovate as the federal and state government restrict services in response to COVID-19.

BYU alum returns to Provo with ‘revolutionary’ ice cream

Ice cream is one of the few acceptable "vices" that students have indulged in for decades, with a number of shops selling the frozen...

Clothing businesses use Provo culture to attract customers

Provo culture has begun to insert itself into clothing brands creating a unique way to represent Provo.
Erika Magaoay

Student invents self-cleaning water bottle

Willy Hogan — competitive skim boarder, surfer, beach lifeguard, and BYU student — is taking unique strides to make clean water accessible and reduce marine debris through a self-cleaning water bottle he invented.

‘Every game is a home game’ for BYU Football

BYU marketing proves “every game is a home game” using creative and engaging marketing and social media campaigns.