Small business Madi Stitches thrives on social media


Time on Instagram isn’t always time wasted — scrolling through online feeds could be giving small businesses a boost.

Right here in Utah, small businesses are getting their start on social media, and it looks like they plan to stay there.

Apparel shop Madi Stitches opened its digital storefront during the COVID-19 pandemic and is still going strong.

Shop owner Madison Siebers said she has been embroidering since high school. Now, she has thousands of followers — and buyers — on Instagram and TikTok.

“I’ve paid almost no money for marketing, like ever,” she said. “I started with e-commerce, and e-commerce allows you to reach a much larger audience.”


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Madison Siebers makes national park souvenir apparel. Her sister Riley Siebers said she loves the flexibility of the social media gig.

“Anything that we sell, I design,” Riley Siebers said. “I get to do and design something that I really love.”

Madi Stitches started with sweatshirts, but is now expanding to include tee shirts, postcards and other souvenirs, the sisters said.

Only 5% of Madi Stitches’ followers live in Utah, Madison Siebers said. Most of her followers are twenty-somethings, women and fans of nature and “really feminine, whimsical stuff,” she said.

“I hashtag ‘granola girl’ on everything because that is my audience,” Madison Siebers said.

Social media has made their business possible, popular and profitable, the sisters said.

“I think that it’s (social media) a really great way for art to be accessed for all people … and you don’t have to be famous for your art to be seen,” Riley Siebers said.

BYU graphic design student Hazel Brunner said she sees her field heading online.

“Social media is kind of where our society is going,” she said. “Smaller corporations … I feel like social media is good, to get their stuff out their more.”

Brunner said she follows art and apparel shops like Madi Stitches on Instagram.

“TikTok allows me to find a new audience, while Instagram allows me to connect with my current audience,” Madison Siebers said.

Madison Siebers continues to innovate after three years in business. She said she plans to extend her inventory and get her products into storefronts. Meanwhile, she said social media will remain at the forefront.

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