New additions to South Provo neighborhood


Downtown Provo is bustling with new shops and businesses. As we cross over this bridge it takes us to a different side of Provo.

The East Bay Neighborhood of Provo is south of the Provo City Center Utah Temple on University Avenue. In contrast to the other side, there are significantly fewer businesses in the area. However, Provo City planners are actively working to change that. 

“Our economic development department is trying really hard to get more users into that area, specifically on the east side of University Ave.,” planning supervisor Aaron Ardmore said.

The city has added more retailers such as Ross and food chains to commercial areas. 

“We’ve brought in Freddy’s recently there, just trying to get some more energy down there,” Ardmore said.

Ardmore shared some of the problems they are facing are large parking lots and buildings too far away from the street.

“It makes it hard for businesses to thrive unless there are chains that people will go out of their way for.” 

Brixton Capital announced in 2023 plans for an addition to the Provo Mall: a new two-story Target. The new Target will benefit people in the area by eliminating the need to drive to Springville or Orem. It will also contribute to increased sales tax revenue for the city. 

“Which helps fund projects, infrastructure projects, sidewalks, road connections, stuff like that. It’s a big revenue generator,” Ardmore said.

The Provo mall is adding new business in hopes of increasing foot traffic in South Provo, but residents will have to wait and see if the effort is successful. 

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