Downtown Provo: A hub for BYU grad startups


Downtown Provo is in a constant state of growth as it adds to its array of entirely locally-owned businesses.

The director of economic development in Provo, Keith Morey, spoke highly of BYU graduates. He wants students to know the incredible opportunities Provo offers budding entrepreneurs. 

“No one grows unicorn companies, companies that grow from zero to a billion dollars, faster than Brigham Young University,” Morey said. 

Morey said the city’s collaborative nature is a part of what makes Provo a hub for these new businesses. 

“Provo is one of the most charitable cities in the country. That charitable attitude and nature allows us to partner with each other and share information and support each other,” he said.

Quinn Peterson was a downtown Provo business owner himself. He is now the executive director of Downtown Provo Incorporated after seeing the need to support other local business owners. Peterson says downtown Provo is a startup capital. 

“Because we’ve been recognized as such a successful business community for a number of years, a lot of people are choosing to come here to create their businesses,” Peterson said. 

Companies such as The Meat or The Mighty Baker started with food trucks or at the farmers market, and both now have brick and mortar spaces in downtown Provo, Peterson said. 

New small businesses like those mentioned are popping up all the time in downtown Provo, most recently the restaurant Fresko. The community can also anticipate the return of a local favorite, Los Hermanos. 

“They were in downtown Provo for 34 years, and their building burned down, and so they went to Orem for a few years and now they’re back,” Peterson said. 

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