Students soak up warmer weather, more daylight hours


Students across the BYU campus are embracing the official start of spring, taking advantage of the warmer weather and spending more time outside basking in the sunlight. 

“I love it. It’s warm, not too hot, kind of breezy, perfect temperature,” Ceci Thomas, a BYU student walking through campus, said.

Some students said they were ready for winter to end and the sun to be back out.

“So ready,” Lindey Murch said. “I’m definitely like a ‘be outside’ kind of person. I’m from Washington so I get sick of the rain and the clouds and I definitely like when it’s warmer and sunnier.”

Many students could be seen laying out on the grass, relieved to see the beginning of spring.

Students are now able to enjoy 12 hours of sunlight each day. That’s two more hours a day compared to January.

“I like to study outside, hang outside with friends,” Thomas said.

Some students will miss the benefits of the snow and cold.

“It makes me kind of sad because the skiing season is slowing down if it’s warm, but I like to just play pickleball outside and enjoy it,” Thomas said.

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