Female BYU students participate in intramural flag football


BYU has a number of intramural sports for students to join throughout the semester, from water polo to badminton. Hundreds of female students signed up to play flag football.

36 teams will participate this semester. The season begins March 5 and runs through April.

Autumn Henshaw is the captain of one of the flag football teams.

“We just saw it and thought it would be super fun, and I played a little over Thanksgiving break so we were just like, let’s get a team together,” she said.

Henshaw said their team name is the “Hailmary’s.” Only half of the women showed up to practice, so she is excited to finally hit the field and really get to know her team during their first game, she said.

“It’s just fun to see all these people from similar and super different backgrounds come together … so it’s just super fun,” she said.

Anna Wooley is a freshman at BYU and a player on the Hailmary’s.

“I feel like I need some more competition in my life so, we’re doing flag football I guess,” she said.

Anna Wooley said it has been fun to meet new people who are all trying to achieve a goal together. She said this creates many strong friendships.

“It’s awesome to see how far you can push yourself and what your body is capable of and it’s also fun to get that rush after exercising,” she said.

BYU Intramurals will post the women’s tournament classification rankings near the end of March. The tournament will begin on April 2.

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