Eye on the Y: BYU professor translates Mexican novel, BYU celebrates Black History Month, BYU AdLab recognized for award-winning commercial


BYU professor translates Mexican novel

New English translation of Juan Rulfo’s 1955 “Pedro Páramo.” BYU professor Doug Weatherford translated the book. (Emma Rostrom)

BYU humanities professor Doug Weatherford translated Mexican author Juan Rulfo’s famous novel, “Pedro Páramo,” into English.

Weatherford’s love for Rulfo’s work developed after serving a full-time mission in northern Mexico. Rulfo’s family requested that Weatherford write an English translation of “Pedro Páramo,” after reading his translation of Rulfo’s other book, “El gallo de oro.”

Weatherford earned his bachelor’s degree in Spanish at BYU and pursued a doctorate degree in Latin American literature at Pennsylvania State University. He believes “Pedro Páramo” is Mexico’s best novel and hopes his translation will help the book reach more people.

Next, Weatherford plans to translate Rulfo’s “El llano en llama,” after which he will have translated all of the author’s fiction works. Weatherford’s English translation of “Pedro Páramo” can be found here

BYU celebrates Black History Month

The BYU Marriott School of Business partnered with the BYU Office of Belonging to host the Stories of Life event. The event was held in honor of Black History Month. (X/@BYUCougars)

Through music, song and dance, BYU’s Marriott School of Business and Office of Belonging helped attendees journey through Black history at their Stories of Life event.

Alex Boyé, BYU’s Rhythm ‘N Soul Collective and others celebrated different eras of Black history. From their first performance, “Old World to New,” to “Breaking New Barriers” and “The Spirit of the Millennium and Beyond,” the groups covered more than five centuries of history. 

Performances included jazz, piano and sax solos; drum and musical performances; and a reading of Frederick Douglass’ monologue. The educational and celebratory event ended with a dance party.

BYU AdLab recognized for award-winning commercial

The BYU AdLab’s commercial for Indeed, titled “Dream Job.” The commercial won more than 10 regional and national awards. (BYU AdLab Dream Job commercial on YouTube)

BYU’s X account recently recognized the BYU AdLab for winning more than 10 regional and national awards for their Groundhog Day themed commercial.

The AdLab is a student-run advertising agency within the School of Communications. It is made up of more than 300 students.

The award-winning commercial, “Dream Job,” was made for Indeed, a popular job-searching platform. The BYU Bean Museum lent students their very own Punxsuatawney Phil, so they could tell the story of Phil the groundhog who quit his job and found his dream career, all thanks to Indeed.

More about the AdLab can be found on their website.  

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