Police Beat: Jan. 29-Feb. 4




Jan. 29 — An officer took report of a traffic accident in Lot 37.

Jan. 29 — An officer responded to a complaint regarding a possible traffic accident. The complainant reported leaving their vehicle in Lot 33, and, upon returning, found the passenger side brake light was broken.

Attempt to Locate

Jan. 29 — A vehicle registered to a sex offender was flagged on a license plate reader near the Creamery. Officers investigated and found the vehicle was actually registered to a female student, not a sex offender. No further action was taken.

Citizen Contact

Jan. 30 — An individual had questions about how to file a stalking injunction or protective order against their ex. BYU campus police put the individual in contact with BYU’s victim advocate to walk them through the process.

Jan. 30 — An individual reported having an offensive note left on their windshield because their car was parked in a disability spot. The individual had a disability placard on their windshield showing their right to park in the spot. BYU campus police are reviewing security camera footage to identify the offending party.


Jan. 29 — An officer made contact with a couple on a trailhead. The woman appeared to be under 18 and the male appeared to be in his 20s. The officer confirmed the female was an adult and was there voluntarily.


Jan. 29 — Officers responded to a report of individuals shining a green laser light at the complainants who were located at the upper north lot of the Y Trailhead. The officers found no evidence of the laser lights and they cleared the area.

Jan. 29 — Officers went to the Y Trailhead after dispatch saw eight individuals on top of the restroom buildings. The group was found to be juveniles and the officers contacted their parents or guardians before sending them home.

Property Damage

Jan. 31 — A staff member reported finding their office window broken. An officer spoke with a building care representative and learned a a window had been broken previously because of temperature fluctuations. Nothing about the property damage seemed criminal or suspicious.


Jan. 29 — An individual reported being tracked with an Apple Air tag they believed had been placed on their backpack while riding the UTA Frontrunner from Provo to Salt Lake and back. The individual received a notification they were being tracked later that day. They were later unable to locate the Air tag. An officer documented the incident.

Jan. 29 — An officer went to Lot 20 following a report of a driver of a red Tesla fighting with the driver of another vehicle. When the officer arrived, they found the Tesla unoccupied in a parking space. The other vehicle had left the premises. Without more information about a criminal violation, the case was closed.

Jan. 29 — An officer responded to a report of a group camping underneath the tunnel south of the Marriott Center. The group claimed to be waiting for the basketball game the next day. The officer told the group they were not permitted to camp overnight, and the group left without incident.

Jan. 31 — A report was made from the Maeser Ramp of a suspicious male approaching various females and talking to them. Nothing aggressive was spotted. The suspicious individual approached the complainant, asked their name and left after the complainant stated they were busy. The complainant observed the male approaching other females as well. The individual left the premises before BYU campus police arrived.

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