Where the gym and gospel principles meet: Own It Fitness


“No one can do it for you” is a phrase that echoes through the clanking weights of Own It Fitness, and it may be a part of why some BYU students and Utah county residents choose Own It Fitness over other options.

“It’s just fun to get in shape, stay in better shape and help others along the journey too,” Keyyan Arshad, owner of Own It Fitness, said.

He just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the gym.

“10 years ago, when we first started, we were in a different facility. Now it’s become a family. We’ve got athletes who have been training here for years,” Arshad said.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life work out at Own It Fitness. College students, adults, parents and even some high school students all unite in a goal to get stronger.

“I never really thought that working out would be such a big part of my life now, but if I’m not here at least three times a week, something is wrong with my week and I miss it for sure,” Own It Fitness client and BYU student Bryce Kerr said.

Arshad also said the style of lifting they practice is a bit different.

“We do a lot of new age, or functional stuff,” Arshad said.

BYU Exercise Science professor Brent Feland could not comment on the specifics of Own It Fitness, but he explained the principles behind functional lifting.

“The reason functional exercises are so useful is they actually move more towards normal daily movement, rather than just being strength only and one single movement plane, that changes things, it helps you move the body,” Feland said.

According to Arshad, it’s not just the lifting that sets Own It Fitness apart.

“Just being able to have a bit stronger willpower, whether that’s academically or anything like that thinking ‘ok if I can push myself here and somebody is kind of there to keep me accountable, I’ve seen that translate into a lot of life, just being able to push through tough times,” Kerr said.

Arshad has has more on his plate than just the gym. When he’s not here, he’s working as a seminary teacher for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

“Between the classroom and the gym, I’m constantly motivating people whether it’s with the scriptures or with barbells,” Arshad said.

His view that a gym is more than just the barbells and weights has spread, and he credits this to the “people behind it (Own It Fitness).”

“Definitely addicted to it now,” Kerr said.

Arshad says he even has a website for remote training and collaborates with athletes across the nation.

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