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BYU fosters pickleball growth

The USA Pickleball Association featured BYU in its official magazine for being one of the first colleges to offer pickleball as an accredited course.

International journalists and researchers discuss challenges of religious reporting

A panel comprised of international journalists and a religion researcher, led a discussion Wednesday, Oct. 9 about the difficulties religions face with their portrayal in the media.

BYU grad develops celiac-friendly bread

BYU business graduate Nathan Hessing faced a problem when his diet was impeding his capacity to do one of the things he loves most — running. In his struggle to find a cure, he and his wife found a way to make bread that his body could digest then use as fuel to help him run again.
Ravell Call

BYU students express belief in climate change

The internet is abuzz with talk about what needs to be done to address climate change following the UN Climate Change Summit held Sept. 21-23. But many nations, including the U.S., left the conference without any firm plans to decrease their contributions to climate change.

Farmers market lets Provo residents support local vendors

LaVell Edwards Stadium hosts a local farmers market every fall, offering a convenient place for local farmers, craftsmen and aspiring small business owners to find success.

Theater and Media Arts Department debut children’s mental health web series

The Department of Theater and Media arts premiered two New Media capstones at a special event on Friday, September 6th. New Media, a topic studied by media arts majors, focuses on non-traditional media topics like videogames and web art.