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Data can predict risk for high medical costs according to new...

Sudden illness or accidents can leave the unexpected in thousands of dollars in debt—and BYU actuarial science professor and student have found a way to identify those at risk for high medical costs before tragedy hits.

‘I don’t belong’ — impostor syndrome affects BYU students

Impostor syndrome is a phenomenon which can affect both students and employees to make them feel like an inadequate "impostor" despite being qualified or capable.

BYU K-pop club brings South Korean culture to BYU

The BYUSA K-pop Club gives students of different backgrounds opportunities to enjoy the culture and movement of K-pop music.

Religious OCD: When faith becomes an obsession

Falling under the umbrella of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), scrupulosity — also referred to as "religious OCD" — is an obsession involving religious or moral matters. Scrupulous individuals are overly concerned that their thoughts or actions might be considered sinful or violate moral doctrine. 
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BYU researchers contribute in looking for Alzheimer’s cure

See also Resources for genetics research at BYU Read in Spanish: Investigadores de BYU ayudan encontrar una curación para el Alzheimer BYU alumna Judy Seegmiller knew...

Air pollution decreasing Utahns’ life spans according to study

Air pollution is taking two years of Utahns' life according to a report from BYU environmental science professor Ben Abbott and student Isabella Errigo.