Be You campaign encourages students to overcome perfectionism

The BYU Women's Services & Resources center kicked off their annual Be You campaign on Wednesday, Sept. 14, and encouraged students to build healthy habits and increase self-acceptance.

Free menstrual products now available in five Wilkinson Student Center bathrooms on BYU campus

Free menstrual products are slowly becoming available in every bathroom in the Wilkinson Student Center, following a research project from BYUSA that explored the importance and viability of providing said products. 

BYU nutrition professor shares how to eat healthy on a budget

Nutrition professor Sarah Bellini shared start-of-semester tips and encouragement for students trying to eat healthy on a budget.

Nutritional information on menus may be a possible trigger for eating disorders

The nutritional information posted at restaurants and other food places could be a possible trigger for those with eating disorders. 

BYU gym attendance boosts as students start semester

BYU gym experiences an influx of gym-goers the first few weeks of the semester as student numbers increase on campus.

The TikTok trap: How the app fuels body dissatisfaction

With the combination of a surge in social media use, two years of an isolating global pandemic and the popular new app Tik Tok, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction are on the rise among young girls.
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