The TikTok trap: How the app fuels body dissatisfaction

With the combination of a surge in social media use, two years of an isolating global pandemic and the popular new app Tik Tok, disordered eating and body dissatisfaction are on the rise among young girls.

BYU addresses campus menstrual health resources

A lack of understanding about menstrual health leads to problems for men and women alike. All can benefit from education, removing shame and having better access to period products.

Sleep deprivation impacts college students

Most college students are all too familiar with feeling low on sleep. Juggling school, jobs and social lives does not often leave much time for a good night’s rest. 

Utah Valley has multiple resources for those struggling to overcome pornography use

The Utah Valley area has a number of in-person and remote resources for those struggling to overcome habitual pornographic use or pornography addictions.

Air pollution introduced as a cause of death, pending adoption of H.B. 109

Utah environmental organizations are teaming up with legislators to allow medical professionals to list air pollution as a formal cause of death on a death certificate.

Camp Kesem volunteers support children of parents with cancer

The Utah Valley chapter of the nationwide non-profit organization Kesem hosted a general body meeting Jan. 20 to inform new and old volunteers about Kesem’s mission and how they can help.
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