Lazy Triathlon lets students exercise at their own pace

The Lazy Triathlon is a month-long challenge that gives students the opportunity to run, swim and bike at Iron Man distances. Iron Man distances include 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and 26.2 miles of running. (BYU Student Wellness)

The Lazy Triathlon, a challenge organized by BYU Student Wellness each semester, gives students one month to bike, run and swim Iron Man triathlon distances at their own pace.

For the challenge, students bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles and swim 2.4 miles throughout the month of March. Once the challenge is completed, they can turn in their tracking sheet to receive a T-shirt at the RB 112 info desk, according to the BYU Student Wellness website.

BYU senior Ben Broce is a part of the Triathlon Club and said he enjoys the social atmosphere of the club and how he can exercise with others. He heard about the Lazy Triathlon and knew other people in the Triathlon Club who had participated in the challenge, which encouraged him to participate himself.

“It’s just motivation to be consistent for me,” Broce said, “and I get a T-shirt out of it.”

Trevor Jarrett, a sophomore studying psychology, is also participating in the challenge. He echoed the friendly atmosphere of the Triathlon Club, adding the club has been supportive and helpful to him.

“(The Lazy Triathlon is) something that you can pace yourself at. When you look back, you can see all the progress that you’ve made,” Jarrett said. “It’s a great exercise. There’s really no stress because you’re not doing it all in one go.”

The BYU Student Wellness Instagram page also offered tips to help complete the running portion of the Lazy Triathlon. Some of these tips include drinking water, finding someone to run with, walking instead of running and using some of BYU’s own facilities such as the track in the Smith Fieldhouse and a treadmill in one of BYU’s fitness centers.

BYU student Tyler Waite said he appreciates that the Lazy Triathlon has given him a timeline to follow and the opportunity to do something fun with a friend.

“I like that it gives you a goal that you can work to, whether that’s with somebody else or just against yourself,” Waite said. “I would recommend it because it’s just a fun activity to keep you motivated.”

Information about fitness center hours can be found on the BYU Student Wellness website as well as hours for the track in the Smith Fieldhouse.

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