Provo family sells Christmas trees for more than 50 years


Baum’s Christmas Trees has been around for more than 50 years in Provo. 

The Baum family sells more than 1,800 trees each season. They grow their own and locally source all their trees. 

Ladell Baum started his Christmas tree business in his twenties, nearly 60 years ago. Throughout that time the business grew and involved lots of Baum’s family. 

“They have supported me real well. I have quite a few grandsons and granddaughters that have worked for me,” Baum said. 

Baum always enjoyed cutting down trees with his family growing up, so he decided to try it out professionally. 

“I thought it would be fun and it would be so easy. It’s not that easy,” Baum said. 

The family grows some trees, like the Austrian Pine with long needles, in their yard all year round. In July and August they travel to Utah and Wyoming to harvest the rest. 

Baum says their trees last longer than other tree lots because they’re grown locally. If a tree grows in a desert they will last longer without water, compared to trees grown in Oregon or Washington.

Ladell Baum’s son, Jason Baum, has been helping his dad since he was a kid. 

“It’s all I’ve done my entire life. Growing up was just going out and finding the trees and helping to harvest them and bring them back and sell them. It’s fun. It’s a great tradition for us to do this for the community,” Jason Baum said. 

Jason says they’re one of the only places in Utah County to sell real flocked trees, or trees with fake snow sprayed on them. 

Jason Baum sprays the trees with water first, then the flocking material. The flocking material mixes with the water to hold onto the tree. Jason Baum then dusts the trees with glitter, and leaves them to dry for a few hours before selling them. 

When first starting his business, Ladell Baum didn’t realize that his last name, Baum, means tree in German. He quickly came to learn that fact. 

“You’d be surprised by how many customers tell us what our last name means,” Jason Baum said. “But I do feel some sort of connection to the name.”

Jason Baum said his dad prides himself on providing long-lasting affordable trees of all sizes. They sell trees from three to four feet tall and larger trees from seven to eight feet tall. 

Baum’s Christmas Trees is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

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